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YMCO’s class of 2014 has distinguished itself by having more acceptances to Ivy League schools than any graduating class in the history of the program. These are some interesting statistics:


 14 seniors were accepted to attend more than 140 universities and conservatories, across America.


 2 out of 14 seniors were accepted to multiple Ivy League Schools – Brown, Columbia and Yale.


 2 out of 14 seniors were accepted to Columbia – 1 will attend Columbia, on a full scholarship.


 1 out of 14 seniors will attend Yale, on a substantial scholarship.


 86,000 students applied to UCLA, 6,000 were accepted.  6 YMCO students were accepted to UCLA.  2 YMCO students will attend UCLA on full scholarships-Andrew Endo & Judy Fontanilla.


1 YMCO senior, Akintunde Ahmad, was featured in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle for being accepted to 3 Ivy League Schools and many others, with full or substantial scholarships.  He appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show and received a $15,000 check to assist with his college fees.


The “Top Gun Award” for the highest GPA for the class goes to: Akintunde Ahmad, who has a 5.0 GPA.


 The “Top Gun Award” for the highest SAT score for the class goes to:  Monte Metal, who scored 2200 on the SAT.


 The “Million Dollar Baby” award for garnering the highest number of scholarships goes to:  Akintunde Ahmad.


Graduates of the Young Musicians Choral Orchestra™ are currently attending or recently graduated from the following schools, on full or very substantial scholarships. 


Brown University


Carnegie Mellon University

Columbia University

Colombia University Graduate School of Journalism


Harvard University


Yale University


Stanford University


Juilliard School


Manhattan School of Music


University of Michigan School of Music


University of Michigan School of Engineering


San Francisco Conservatory


Oberlin Conservatory


The New School


Berklee School of Music


The Cleveland Institute


The Colburn School


Howard University


Smith College


Wellesley College


Williams College


UC Berkeley

UC Los Angeles


UC Davis 


UC Santa Cruz 

UC Irvine 

UC San Diego 


UC Santa Barbara

University of South California


University of the Pacific


Cal State East Bay

University of the Pacific 


San Francisco State 


San Jose State


Sonoma State


Los Angeles City College 


California Institute for the Arts 

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