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Our current students are giving the YMCO Alumni a run for their money!

Check back in for updates on the hard work our students put into their daily lives.


Lucila de Anda Castaneda has just begun her junior year of high school and is already catching the attention of Ivy League schools! She spent two weeks of her summer break studying at Brown University on a full scholarship. There, she studied Immigration and Refugee Policies, a pre-cursor to Immigration Law. Lucila is still not sure about whether she wants to become a lawyer, but for now, she is exploring her potential careers.

During the school year, Lucila takes AP, Honors, and College courses, receiving straight A's! She has been in YMCO's 4.0 Club since joining the program. Lucila also recently took the PSAT and has reported back a very high score. Aside from being a star student, Lucila has a passion for music, playing the double-bass, electric bass, and piano at YMCO. 

**Update: Lucila was accepted into Brown University on a full scholarship under Early Decision!**

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