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Our goal is to develop students into musicians on the competitive level of conservatory musicians by the time they graduate from the program, regardless of whether they choose to major in music or not. We provide top of the line instruction with brilliant teachers and visiting artists. Students are held to a standard of excellence and work with teachers, conductors, and peers to achieve it. Students work hard year round but especially so during the summer session. The summer session is a complete immersion of music for six weeks. From morning until evening, students move from theory classes, to rehearsals, to music history, and so forth. Those six weeks are magical. Students make great strides in this atmosphere and are transmogrified every summer.


The Academic Year is when YMCO students truly become masters at creating harmony between all sides of the power triangle. Students take weekly private lessons (some two and three a week for doublers and triplers) and attend ensemble rehearsals on the weekend with maestro Jaymes Kirksey and Geechi Taylor (Orchestra, Chorus, and Big Band), while excelling in their academics and taking on activities in school.  YMCO students become great "jugglers," which is an invaluable asset for being successful in college, as well as life.

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